About Me


Hello, travelers!

Snomzi here, I am 22 years old and pursuing my Masters in Business Administration.I reside in India the land known for its rich culture.Being an Indian and growing up with people of different cultures and traditions,I have developed this interest in me to know more cultures,meet different people,eat what they eat and just travel the world as long as I live.

My family is another factor that has fueled my passion for traveling as they all love to travel.As a child most of the road trips I made with family were simply not informed in advance,me and my siblings were just told to pack our bags an hour before and then we are in the car and on road to any place random,and though my family members are the craziest travel planners,such sudden trips were always more fun than planned.But, that kind of sudden trips is all limited to the local places,as we being Indians to our roots like to go fully planned for our trips abroad and  we are just doomed if we forget to pack a jar of pickles.

Anyway, travelling is the best investment anyone can do with their money,they provide you with memorable experiences to share for all your life, and I have been to around 15 countries and 40 cities, to name a few countries would be France,Singapore,Italy,Austria,Saudi Arabia,Vatican,Malaysia,Switzerland and so on.I wish to travel every month in future but I am lacking resources currently.

So for now here is one of the quotes that motivates me to travel:

“Twenty years from now

you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do

than by the ones you did do…

Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain

Now, the reason for creating womentravel101 is…..

Simple! We women need best travel experience because when we women travel no matter what age,young or old, we often face more problems like while packing,and we have more things that we need to consider for example safety than men do and also it is our tendency to do things the right way in a proper manner,we are LADIES after all!!

Womentravel101 is a learning and interesting website for all my women travelers around the world who share the same passion as me.Here, we will deal with all things that we need for a perfect travel from short tips on booking a hotel,flight,business travel,camping to looking like a fashionista on tour.

You can contact me for any topic that you want me to cover,let’s help all the women to travel without fear and be free.



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