My 5 Favorite Quotes On Travel

quotes about travelingThere are thousands of different quotes scattered all over the net today, but only a few get to you at a personal level.I have a few quotes on all sorts of things and emotions that I have saved and have written them in my journal too.So, I planned to share my 5 favorite quotes on travel that never fail to revive the wanderlust in me.

Take a look and save them, and if you have any other travel quotes then share them in the comments box below.

#1 the in betweens.

best travel quotes

Travel Quote

This travel quote is so true and it just reminds me that I don’t need to visit only the best of the best places or places that are ‘must visit’ only.We need to go beyond the comfort and travel anywhere and everywhere.

#2 just be.

Travel quote

Travel quote

No words.It is the perfect quote describing exactly what I need to be every time I self-doubt before going to a new place.

#3 live while you’re young

Travel quote

Travel quote

Live while you’re young as that’s when you are able to just go and get things done without worrying about health or have too much of familial responsibilities.It is a travel quote which makes me want to travel more and more.

#4 i would rather…

Travel quote

Travel quote

Be less materialistic, and spend more on experience and traveling.It is the best to see and experience the world while you can when you have the resources to do so too.

#5 best travel quote of all

travel quotes

Travel quote

This Chinese proverb is the wisest of all travel quotes for me.How often we hear our friends and family talk about some place or watch it on some TLC channel? I say a lot more than we can count.

Visit and experience once at least, all the places on your bucket list rather than hear about it from others.

So,which one is your favorite quote on travel? Leave a comment below❤




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