7 Things A Hijabi Traveler Must Pack Always

what to pack for hijabi traveling


Are you a woman who dons a hijab?

If yes,then I believe you my hijabi friend and I go through the same struggle finding the right scarfs to pack,pins to hold them in place,matching clothes for them and so on and on.


Now since I wear a Hijab too, and travel quite a lot,I felt the need for this post to share my must pack items as well as a few inspirations from a few experts on the net.These items below are all must haves for a hijabi traveler and I hope you find this post helpful.


Plain solid color scarfs and clothes should be the must-have in every girl’s wardrobe,as it never goes out of style and always makes you look classy.So,carry two solid color scarfs at-least,no matter to where you are taking a trip to.

You can have one bright color and other a dark one.It’s best to carry an all time black scarf,it works well with most hijabi outfits.


I love love printed scarfs,they are just so vibrant and have that cheerful vibe effect when worn for traveling to scenic places.Printed scarfs also look great in photos,you should take at-least one shot in B/W to get my point.

There are loads of printed scarfs available,but it is recommended if you wear a scarf that is handcrafted and has some good embroidery like you can wear a scarf with Kashmiri handwoven work if you are a desi traveling abroad.


Shawls & Ponchos!! They are just perfect for cold weather and winter travel.They are very ideal and easy to wear items when going out for a walk  on streets at a winter night.Also,to stay warm so as to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

shawls 2016

The only drawback of these items is that they take up a lot of packing space,but if you have some space left then carry any one of these with you.You wouldn’t regret packing these items.Trust me.

Psstt!! have a look at poncho outfit inspirations,they are in this season.


Pack those small and light add on items,under scarfs. They are the literally the saviors,which save you from packing problems and cold weather.Take at-least 3 of them if you have a long trip and packing issues,change and wear them with your limited scarf options to have a different look everyday on your trip.


This item is for those hijabis traveling girls who just are stylish and chic,those who wear them know how to rock ’em.Carry your bling brooches when traveling,picture taken in them are worth it.


Of all the things Hijabi traveler must pack always,pins are the most obvious must have items.I only included them in the list, to remind you to pack them,sometimes we just forget and have to do with that one and only pin that we have on.Also,these easy to lose tiny things are never enough.


Another obvious item which a hijabi girl is incomplete without.Pack your best Abaya/overcoat,bright colored ones are best for going to those summery places with beach,sun,sand.And more darker ones for cold places.

winter abayas 2016

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wear this and not that,wear whatever you feel comfortable in and look good.Pastel colored Abaya’s and overcoats are so in this season,I highly recommend having one.Again all these are just tips and reminders,rest you do whatever you wish,ain’t nobody can tell you what to do,right?

Leave a comment my hijabi traveler,I would love to include your tips,with due credit of-course!❤❤❤



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