All You Need To Know About Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

shopping in dubai festival

Dubai!!!😀 Everything about this city is extravagant,ultramodern buildings to luxury shopping.It is one such place which you must visit once in your lifetime,especially when it’s the season for it’s famous Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) which is held every year.

And,like every year Dubai, this year will host thousands of tourists who will be visiting for an ultimate and smooth shopping (DUTY-FREE!!) experience at Dubai shopping festival 2017.Apart from shopping, there are ‘n’ number of reasons as to why this particular city festival is famous around the world and has won a place in Guinness World Records.

So,here is all you need to know about Dubai Shopping Festival 2017:


Right after Christmas,i.e 26th December 2016.It is 34 days long festival this year,as it ends on 28th January 2017.

You girls better plan your Dubai trip between 26 December – 28 January 2017 


shopping at dubai festival 2017

  • Celebrity performances
  • Shopping deals with discounts up-to 75%
  • Fireworks event
  • Flash mobs
  • Live raffle draws (cash and even cars as prizes)
  • Entertainment shows
  • Food fiestas,and
  • Themed decorations across the city ,it is butterfly light 2017 theme.


You can shop anything and everything you want when it is Dubai festival 2017,as everything from a high end branded stuff to local specialties,all are heavily discounted.

But if you are still having a hard time deciding what to shop,then here are a few things:

  • Jewelry – all variety of diamonds, gold and semi-precious stones from around the world.
  • Perfumes -oil based Attar and Oud perfumes are must buy items.
  • Personalized Souvenirs –  From Tees to caps.
  • Clothes -Zara,H&M,Burberry, Coco Chanel etc(designer Ponchos for winter?)
  • Cosmetics – Array of branded and discounted cosmetics and other beauty products.
  • Shoes and bags – Louis Vuitton ,Jimmy Choo,Christian Louboutin,on and on! (Perhaps, shop ankle boots?)


dubai shoping places

Now you must be wondering as to where to shop the above items and at least expensive prices during Dubai shopping festival 2016 to 2017,right?

Well! actually, this festival is held across the city,all souks , and big malls are part of it.But check out these places:

  • My Ex Wardrobe – for discount designer goods
  • Dubai mall – one stop shopping destination
  • Global Village -for products from all around the world
  • Gold souk in Deira -for gold jewelry,of course!
  • Bur Dubai – Trading center for textiles.
  • Madinat Jumeirah – for perfumes,spices,lanterns and souvenirs.


This year shoppers and tourist have an added advantage as an all new Dubai Festivals App for Dubai shopping festival 2017 has been launched, which will help in knowing what promotion offers are going on,where and on what products, all by customizing searches based on interest.Also,it is totally free and available on iTunes as well as google play store.So, make sure you download before you shop.

There is also an opportunity provided by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to avail further discounts and other services.

So my women/shopaholic travelers, this all you need to know about Dubai’s shopping festival held this year.

If you girls have any tips,please post a comment.I will add your inputs in the post.

Happy shopping!! 😀


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