5 winter poncho style looks we love to have on in 2016

how to wear ponchos

Poncho is that one item of clothing which is loved by all women during the winter season.It is made from thick woolen cloth that keeps us warm and makes us look stylish when traveling to cold places.Let’s begin with some quick information about ponchos before we get to winter poncho style look inspirations.

Poncho was originally worn in South America by Mexicans,but now it has become one of the most popular item of clothing around the world.It is a sleeveless garment with unsewn sides and slit in the middles for the head to pass through.

In past times only men were allowed to wear ponchos that were more lavish in design,but now the times have changed and so we see women taking over this poncho trend by wearing intricately designed,colorful and bright ponchos during winter as well as rainy months.

And so,here are the 5 winter poncho style looks we love to have on this winter 2016 for travel:

# LOOK 1

coco chanel poncho

Top favorite poncho looks for this season.It’s all trendy and chic choice for traveling to fashion cities like Paris this winter.

# LOOK 2

how to wear poncho

Colorful poncho with whites shoes is just what you need to look fun and fabulous.Don’t you agree?

# LOOK 3

burberry poncho wear



This poncho is just WOW! Got no more to say than that.

# LOOK 4

poncho with boots

This winter poncho look is a must have on this list as black poncho is most versatile of all and can be styled in any way.Best choice for traveling during winter.

# LOOK 5

womens poncho

Overall look with these glasses,bag,belt and this poncho is simply perfect to look super chic when traveling.Also, the pictures taken in this kinda look would turn out amazing for sure.







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