10 Items To Pack For A Road Trip With Dogs

what to pack for road trip with dogPlanning a road trip with your beloved dog?Need help on what to pack for his/her needs?

If yes,then you are reading the right article.Here,is a quick list of dog travelling essentials,the 10 items to pack for a road trip with dogs.Make sure you pack them all for a smooth and fun road trip:

#1 Energy Bars for Dogs

First things first, FOOD!!

Pack some dog energy bars and snacks,because road trips can be really tiring and boring for your pet.The snacks would give him/her some much needed energy boost for a fun trip.


Yup! A good lid locking container,as travel bags for dogs food are not really ideal,as they are more likely to spill or tear.

Carry food in a nice lid locking container for dog food on travel,it will also keep the food safe from other unwanted animals.


Of course!! How can we forget that?Especially after packing snacks?

Keep dog waste bags handy when stopping  for rest breaks.Use good quality bags!


Keep your dog hydrated all the time on your road trip.Feed your dog at  the stops with ease with a good collapsible water and food bowl.The collapsible dog water bowl and food bowl will help you save packing space in car.

#5 Long Extendable Leash

You shall not forget a long extendable leash when travelling with your dog,especially if he/she is hyperactive.A long leash of 30 foot will do great to give your dog the freedom to roam and explore when taking a break for rest or even on a hike.

packing for traveling with dogs


Crates for many dogs are a place where they just feel safe and comfortable to be in.So,carry a collapsible and light weight dog crate for a happy road trip.

#7 Dog crate bed

Can’t forget a comfortable bed for the dog,can we?

Carry a soft dog crate bed to help him get rest for long rides,he/she too has to get a good nap,right?


Your dog may love a few things which he loves to play with,his favorite things,you know.

So,pack a mini bag with his favorite toy and stuff to keep him active and busy.It wil be much smoother trip if your dog doesn’t bug you all the way.


Pack all the medications and other first aid items in a nice compact medical kit.It is important to check all the items for their expiry dates before packing them in the medical kit as we often forget to check.

See if you got all the items mentioned in this infographic of basic pet first aid kit.

#1o Cleaning SUPPLIES

Last but not the least,pack all the cleaning supplies for a smooth and relaxing road trip with dogs.The cleaning supplies such as dog paw wipes,shampoo,brush and so on.

A mini tip for carrying shampoo is to put them in mini bottles to save space.

Talking about dogs….do you know about these most dog friendly countries?


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