Would You Travel In Airlander 10,The world’s biggest airship and passenger jet?

travel in air lander 10 World’s Biggest Airship,also the world biggest passenger jet, the  Air lander 10 will take its first flight in the next month,this March.

And, this news is something that excited me a lot,because just imagine how super amazing experience it would be to travel in this airship the Airlander 10 world’s biggest airship and passenger jet which has incredible features to offer for travelers.

So,this is what happened the moment I came across the word airship on a news website, I thought of the ‘Dirigible‘,the aircraft/airship that featured in the movie ‘The Mummy Returns‘,many of you will know,but those who don’t, it is the aircraft in GIF below.

Dirigible mummy returns airship
And,this is Airlander 10 in the below picture, which is going to take its first flight in march,2016 over Bedfordshire,UK.

Airlander 10 airship

Now, here are the TOP 5 details that I gathered and is all that you need to know about this super giant aircraft:


93m long and 43.5 wide which is the length of a soccer pitch and is 26m tall,equal to 6 double Decker buses.

And would be able to fly within 2.5 hours between London and Paris.Also,it can stay airborne for 2 weeks.


Airship/Plane/Helicopter: Air lander 10 is described as all this, and will beat the current largest passenger jet,Airbus A380.


As a passenger airship with floor to ceiling windows,cabins and huge space to move around for the 48 people which it can carry,it would be a leisure to travel.

And this is what HAV’s communication director, Chris Daniels had to say about the Airlander 10:

“We’ve had a lot of interest in operators looking at luxury tourism and safaris and various sorts of leisure flying. We think that will be an amazing experience – slow-flight, floor-to-ceiling windows, just being able to watch what’s going on”


The work to built this aircraft began in 2013 by Hybrid Air Vehicles(HAV),which is a British based company.


Unlike tradition airship it has no internal structure and is filed with helium to raise it.Also,it was initially intended to be used for support to US military,but now can be used for various roles,such as luxury tourism.


Now,lets just hope it does well on its test flight,as it needs to clock 200 hours to be declared safe and airworthy by the European Aviation Safety Agency and Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority,so we can get a chance to travel in it,someday soon in future.

Take the poll and vote your answer.Lets see how many of us are ready or not to experience Airlander 10 as travelers. 😀


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