9 Hit Korean Skincare Products Under $12 For Women Travelers

cheap Korean beauty productsWhen we think about Korean women,we picture women with flawless skin.They have such lovely glowing skin,it makes you wonder how do they manage with so much pollution around.

Well,here is how they manage to take care of their skin,unlike other,women in Korea have a proper 10 step process for skin care routine and have the dedication to do so.So, why not try some of their products that are hit in the market and are used widely by them.

Here, are the 9 hit Korean skincare products under $12 for women travelers that can be added in the top essential beauty products to pack list:

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil

This cleanser is made of highly detoxifying ‘Moringa’ oil that cleanses impurities,moisturizes and brightens skin which is most important for women to take care well of their skin when traveling.It is highly popular,affordable and most recommended product for super gentle skin.Also,it has NO preservatives.

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash

It is the best selling Korean exfoilator beauty product with black sugar as main ingredient,which has rich vitamins,minerals and glycolic acid for removing aged cuticles and keeping skin
refreshed and hydrated.
While on travel this mask will help as application of this results in bright and tight skin.This is a highly recommended product by many women,so give it a try.

Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel

Sold about 1.50 million,this product is the best of best selling aloe gel.It contains 92% Aloe Vera extracts which is excellent for moist and vitamin rich skincare routine.It is best product for soothing and keeping skin cool while traveling to places with harsh weathers.Especially for oily skin this product works wonders.


A little application of this cleanser and it leaves your skin super fresh for hours.It is an excellent product for combination,oily and sensitive skin.The foam cleanses pores by absorbing excess sebum.This product is worth the money and comes in a good size,so it is one of the must carry beauty products.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Bad white heads,black heads and porous skin? If so,then there can be no better product that this Korean skin care product under $12,that balances pH levels ,tightens pores effectively,moisturized and results in clearer skin after first use itself.It is a perfect freshener solution for removing all the impurities from a days travel.Highly recommended by women having lots of skin pores.


Dermal Collagen Essence Mask is simply great for travel skin care routine and deserves to be on the top 8 hit Korean skin care products of 2015 while traveling as it is very affordable and comes in a combo pack of 16 which can be used when you reach your place to stay after long journey.The product results in clear,moistened,elastic and healthy skin as it includes vitamin E and collagen.

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

cheap korean beauty products

Skin gets oily while on trips and prevention becomes necessary for a smooth travel experience,and this sebum control powder with jeju natural and mint extracts will save your skin.It is super oil friendly product and a must try Korean beauty product for women in market today.It soaks up excess oil,sweat and protects peaches and cream complexion effectively.The ingredients of the product are super skin friendly.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint

As mentioned in the must carry travel beauty products, lip balms are essential,but having a tinted balm to apply when on long journeys is perfect as they provide lips with a nice natural yet flush look instead of just moisturized soft lips with no color.This gel based Etude product comes in vampire red and really results in long lasting colored lips.


Last but not the least necessary Korean skin care product that is inexpensive and way under $12 to keep your lips soft and plump all through the day.It moisturizes lips and gets rid of unsightly cracked and dry skin on the lips.Just apply and massage for 1-2 mins,then cleanse with water or tissue for neat,silky, soft lips even in harsh weathers.

Do not compromise on your skin care routine while traveling! 🙂

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