Style Tips On How To Wear Ankle Boots For Fall Travel 2015

ankle boots fashionFall season has just begun and ankle boots are the latest trend and perfect choice for traveling in the most stylish way.

You can rock this fashion trend easily as there are hundreds of winter sales offering wide range of stylish shoes.

Check out the tips and outfit inspiration and take advantage of Black Friday Sale to buy ankle boots under $50 at the earliest.

Here are the three style tips on how to wear ankle boots for  fall travel 2015 :

 Must own tan 

Tan is timeless in ankle boot fashion,it is as simple as that.If you wish to own only one pair of ankle boots then it should be tan leather boots,an all time classic and must have.

Tan  boots are neutral and can be paired with any color outfit. In-fact all tan shoes whether flats or sandals,they are all versatile and fashionable compared to black ankle boots 2015

Outfit Style tip for tan ankle boots 2015:

Wear with black leggings and long top or tunic layered with a cardigan or a dark colored jacket like navy blue.OR, wear it with dark blue jeans and a knit top and accessorize with a scarf.

Travel Fashionista? Wear Print.

Visiting fashion hub cities like Paris,Milan and prefer more bolder and fashionable look? If so,then travel stylish this winter 2015 and buy a pair of neutral print ankle boots.
leopard print ankle boots 2015

Outfit style tip for print ankle boots:

Print ankle boots go perfectly well with black and white too.Monochrome prints or leopard print are trendy and must be worn with one-two solid color outfit.It can be a black dress with a short leather jacket or black leather skinnies and white top with a leather jacket.

Burgundy And maroon red is IN!

Bored of black and tan boots? Well, it is time to own a nice pair of burgundy or maroon red this season,actually both if you love ankle boots and feminine colors.burgundy ankle boots 2015


Combine with black leather skinnies and with a simple white top or even a maroon or burgundy cashmere sweater with black jacket or white coat.And wear leather gloves or add a plaid scarf.

Check out Women Travel 101’s winter travel 2015 outfit inspirations for more in the clothes category.



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