Do You Pack These Travel Beauty Products For Skin Care Or Not?


skincare travel productsGoing for a long vacation and want to follow your daily beauty routine for gorgeous skin without compromising?

If so, do you pack these travel beauty products for your skin care or not?

Check if you pack them all!

When traveling especially when there is lot to see and visit, it  becomes hard to follow daily beauty routine of moisturizing,brushing,shampooing,conditioning and so on to take care of oneself.

Also,packing all our daily beauty products requires good amount of space in our bags,which is tough when we need to make room for the souvenirs that we buy.

So,here is quick list of all the must carry toiletries in bag and travel beauty products:


It is the most important skin care item that you should pack for traveling without worries about your skins beauty.The cleanser is a must for energizing and rejuvenating your skin after getting all the dirt,bacteria and debris on your skin from outdoor traveling.DO NOT EVER travel without a cleanser.Period.

Check out some lifechanging Korean cleansers under $12 that are huge hit in skincare market.


This beauty product is one of the most essential items to carry when you are traveling.Also,it is a part of daily skin care routine for all women who want to look fresh and younger ,and skipping this item from your packing check list is a no no.

Different places will require different amount of SPF,and if you are traveling to European countries like Greece or Italy then you may not find your usual higher SPF sunscreen, so just make sure you pack them beforehand.

face cream

When I say face cream,I mean face cream the one that is good for both day and night.Carrying different face creams for day and night when traveling is not really ideal when you need to pack less.Also,carry the mini version or pack of your face cream,this saves a lot of space.If you cannot find a mini pack then take some and fill it in a nice small container that is easy to carry.


Most of us experience oily skin when traveling, my skin gets super oily on forehead and nose,especially when on a road trip.So,to prevent skin from getting too oily every  other hour,make sure you have wet wipes or blotting papers in your carry bag,they are cheap and very essential travel beauty products for skincare.

lip balm

Dry lips are just unsightly and traveling for longer hours and to different places does that.Always carry a mini lip balm to keep your lips moisturized all time.You can use a korean tinted lip balm under $5 to give a nice soft natural color to your lips and make you look fresh.


6 thoughts on “Do You Pack These Travel Beauty Products For Skin Care Or Not?

  1. Zoe Townsend-Sawyer says:

    I really like this post! Usually these skin care regime posts get a bit frustrating for me because I get overwhelmed by all the different products (I never really grew up with makeup and cosmetics and powders and pastes). As a back up though, if you find yourself unable to buy your regular cosmetics, honey is amazing to use as a face mask once every couple of days – it clears up spots and leaves the skin silky smooth! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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