Best Halloween Destinations 2015

halloween destinations 2016Halloween is around the corner ,so get ready to celebrate it to the fullest by attending festivals,parties,visiting cemeteries and dressing up in scary costumes at these top exciting and creepiest destinations this year.

.Here is a quick list of the best Halloween destinations 2015 :


   Salem halloween
Why to visit Famous for all things witch craft
What to do:  Attend events,watch the parades,fireworks and visit the witch house museum.
You must have heard the name of this town in a number of spooky and Halloween movies.It is the top place to visit for enjoying and celebrating Halloween 2015 as the whole town hosts events,haunted tours,witches circles,parades and so on.The very reason why this place is spooky is because in the past twenty six people of the town were put to death for being witches,burned.


new york halloween
Why to visit:  Greenwich Halloween Party,Sleep Hollow and Old Dutch Burying Ground
What to do:  Attend huge Halloween party in Greenwich Village
New York city is the most happening place to visit during Halloween month.It has the most diverse crowd attending the Greenwich village’s Halloween party that has costumes,dancers,ghost walk and a giant parade.If you want to get more spook then visit the one of the oldest cemetery,old dutch burying ground.
Sleepy Hollow town is a must visit to get totally spooked because they say the Headless Horseman is still seen at the cemeteries.


halloween mexico
Why to visit:  Dia De Los Muertos(Day of the dead) celebrations
What to do: Visit local cemeteries,enjoy local food,dress up and decorate the streets.
Lately,Oaxaca has become one of the most exciting places to visit in Halloween season.It is a perfect and best Halloween destination 2015 for women travelers that want to enjoy a good festival with drinks,food and dancing along with people and dressing up in costumes of ancient Aztec and Mayan legends.


Père Lachaise Cemetery
Why to visit:
Haunted Cemetery and Catacombs
What to do: Explore the underground and Catacombs
Pere Lachaise Cemetery is the place to visit in Paris on Halloween,it has a number of tombstones,including of Jim Morrison and Chopin.The underground is the scariest as the Catacombs has tunnels of bones of millions of Parisians assembles in 17th century.It is one of the best Halloween destinations 2015 for a haunting experience.

So now did you decide where to go?


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