The Secrets On How To Pack Light For Trip

travel packing tipsFor some of us packing can be a headache and it is a lot tempting to put the task of packing for last  minute than to do it before time.Also doing this task nicely requires us to think tactically, especially when we need to pack less or
to say pack light because many of us have a habit of packing stuff which we do not really require.

So,here a few short and efficient secrets used by frequent travelers on how to pack light for trip:

Pack your basic items

By basic items I mean all your most daily used items or things.Things which you cannot do without.The list of basic items to pack will vary from one person to other,as whats important to you may not be to other.

Basic items can be your important gadget like tablet,or comfortable clothes such as a white tee,cardigan and your favorite comfy shoes.

Mix and match OUTFITS

We often love a few of our outfit looks so much that we want to wear them to look our best on the trip and get amazing pictures,but to get with how to pack light for trip we need to let go of that idea and opt for clothes that can mix and match well to create different outfit options.Best advice is to pack plain bottoms and colorful tops as they create a number of outfit combinations.

You can get an idea about what to wear with winter outfit inspirations 2015 on the blog.

Neutral colors

Having said that plain bottoms and colorful tops are the best to pack, packing neutral colored is a must to as they will give you a more polished look and can be worn for any occasion on the trip.

Example a beige or cream colored blazer would be excellent for sightseeing as well as attending a business meeting, and a black maxi dress for beach look or for a romantic date evening.

Add ons

So by now you know the secrets on how to pack clothes for trip,next is packing some add ons for the outfit combinations.Make a small space at the side of your suitcase to put in colorful,printed or textured scarves,blouse and tank tops.

Also,use a small mini bag to store jewelry,watches and other accessory stuff.


If,we women had the free will when traveling then we would love to carry whole collection of shoes,but that is not possible when you are on a trip and have to pack light.

The top secret on how to pack light for trip is to pack just 3 pairs of shoes,one pair of walking shoes,one of heels and one of sandals.And please choose the shoes that are comfortable,do not opt for ones that just look good.


Now, everything needed to go on trip is ready to be put in the suitcase,but there are still a few small things to pack and consider.Firstly,keep calm and stop planning for the unexpected,but do pack a little fold up carry bag because while returning from the trip you will have gifts,souvenirs and other stuff you shopped.

Lastly, just do a recheck and remove things that are not really needed and PACK!


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