5 Ways To Get Last Minute Hotel Deals

last minute hotel dealsOften when on road trip we require hotels at last minute,no prior bookings, and in such situations we can use a few helpful tips that can get us a restful stay in a good hotel.

The need for last minute hotel deals is not only relevant for road travelers,but also those traveling by flights and trains.When there is a sudden change in travel plan or bad service by the booked hotel then you do need to get a good last minute hotel to stay without spending much of your hard earned money.And it is possible with these following 5 ways to get last minute hotel deals:

Use Your Smartphone

A must gadget and highly useful is your smartphone.Switch on your GPS location services in your phone and browse for nearby hotels in Google Local App.The app would suggest all the places near to you and even gives an option to call directly to the hotel,so you can ask for vacancies.

If not satisfied by the deals you are offered on call by the hotels then use web booking tools such as ‘Hotels.com’ which offers wide range of hotels and deals offered which are often less compared to the price deals offered on call.So, make sure you have a few hotel booking apps that can help you get the right deal after comparing hotels and their deals.

Consider Hotel Brands providing quality SERVICES

Often we get so blinded by the goal to get cheap hotel deals  that we forget about some basic and important quality services.We choose a hotel of the cheapest hotel deals and then on arriving at the chosen hotel,it can lack some good quality services such as free parking,breakfast and WiFi,so to avoid  ending up in a hotel with no or paid WiFi and breakfast, opt for brands such as Quality Inn that are inexpensive as well as provide these guaranteed services with assured quality.


The reason for mentioning it as a separate hack is that unlike other web hotel booking deals this is the most trusted and reliable,also it compares the deals to what other hotel booking websites are providing.

If you do not know how to look for hotel deals on the site  then just Google the ‘last minute hotels TripAdvisor’ along with name of the place where you are searching.

There are a number of options for you to filter your search such as whether you want the hotel by Tonight,this weekend or next weekend.Also the site mentions the hotels,its ratings and short reviews for concise and summarized details for choosing the right hotel to stay.


Be accommodating and cooperative while booking the hotel because you need a hotel at last minute and you cannot just demand to get the room in a hotel the way you wish.You need to compromise and be flexible,like if you want to have a king sized bed but there is only queen size bed room available.


This is a must tip and you do need to cooperate with the staff of hotel while reserving or booking room at last minute as they will need some time for their procedures to get you a room.Also,you might be lucky to get a nice upgraded suite or better service for being patient and understanding

.Therefore, this tip is important because if you are nice, then you are having a psychological impact on the other person,which will help you get the best deal.


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