Things To Do In Athens – 3 Days in Athens,Greece

3 days in athens
Planning a short trip of 3 days in Athens?Looking for a cultural experience?
Need a proper guide for traveling to Athens?

If so, then here is a quick guide for where to travel and what to see for experiencing cultural places in Athens, Greece, in just a span of three short days.

Before detailing about places to visit and things to do in Athens, a short description of the city for all the women travelers who love to experience cultures.

Athens is the capital city of Greece, which is a mix of rich history, ancient buildings and is yet contemporary with plenty of nightlife. The city is well known for its magnificent Acropolis which is a citadel located on the hilltop of the city.

Now to the guide for traveling to Athens,Greece:


It is an essential place to visit.Start your trip from Byzantine Chapel of Agios Nikolaos Ragavasimages (6)
and then through small streets with Anaffiotikas white and blue miniature houses to the Acropolis.

To make the most of this ancient citadel and enjoy the view of the sun rising, get up early and be there before the gates open. After the gates open, follow the crowd, take pictures, refer to the local guidebook for insights and also visit Herod Atticus theatre.


So,your first day at Acropolis was spent in enjoying the sunrise,reading your guidebook and taking pictures,now it is time you do a reverse loop of the site and explore on your own the places to visit in Athens.

explore athens
Therefore, take an exit at Propylaea and refresh with lemonade under the pine trees leading to Agora which has the Hephaisteion,one of the most preserved 2500 year old temples.

Eat a large sandwich at the popular Taverna Sigalas in Monastiraki district,just follow the signs from Agora to get there.You can shop at the flea markets in the area or take a stroll to Tower Of The Winds for some peace.

Then,take the route to Lykavittos for sunset in the sea,but first visit Kallimarmaro stadium known for hosting the first modern Olympic games in 1986,after that walk along the Presidential Palace to watch Evzones in their attire.

Further in things to do in Athens,do some window shopping or more in Kolonakiou square and dine in a cozy restaurant at the highest hill of Athens.Do try lobster Carpaccio and candied pineapple.

With so much to do, you will surely be exhausted, so choose a hotel in Plaka district for a restful night.


Since the trip is short only 3 days in Athens,the museums you could visit are located on the same avenue to cover the most.The first is a Byzantine museum featuring fragments of Byzantine architecture.Second is a museum of Cycladic art showcasing prehistoric sculptures and gems.Lastly, the Benaki museum which also has hotel on top with open terrace restaurant with view of national gardens.museums in athens greece

At night take a walk on Dionysus Aeropagus and dine at Atticos for an awesome view of Athens at night, which be imprinted in your memory all your life.

The above places to visit in Athens and also things to do in Athens are mentioned keeping in mind the duration of trip,you can visit more if there isn’t time constraint!


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