5 Most Dog Friendly Countries To Visit

dog travel countriesOur pets are a part of our family,they mean more to us and they should be treated the best .And it is as simple as that,to give us a reason to take them along for traveling wherever we wish to,even if it is abroad to another country.

But, unfortunately not all countries are pet friendly countries to travel,only a few are.

Now,for a dog owner who has a strong bond with its pet,it is very difficult to go on a vacation for relaxing when he/she cannot take the dog to a country that is simply not as tolerant towards dogs or pets in general compared to other pet friendly countries.And,you surely don’t want your dog to be left out alone outside a pub or a hotel,as you will constantly worry about your dog and there won’t be any peace when you travel.
So here is a list of a 5 most dog friendly countries to visit for a relaxing travel experience:


It is the friendliest of all countries towards pets.So, if you are looking for travelling to France with a dog then you have made the perfect decision,as there is no discrimination towards dogs.People there will allow your lovely dog in restaurants,buses,metro,pubs,hotels and even
a few taxis.

Traveling with a dog
Plenty of restaurants allow dogs and even provide water and food along with a seat at the table.For accommodation,hotels charge a small rate for pets and if renting an apartment then there are no special charges.


This scenic European country will be relaxing as the people there will treat your dog just as you do. After all it is one of the most proactive countries fighting against animal cruelty.The pets are allowed in plenty of hotel and restaurants.Some restaurants even serve them water in a dish.Now, isn’t it wonderful?


Germans and their love for dogs is just great.Traveling with a dog in Germany is easy with just a few basic guidelines which are stated on their official site.Many outlets,hotels and restaurants welcome dogs and other pets.Also trains,buses and a few taxis welcome them.


One of the most dog friendly countries and you can see for yourself as their are streets filled with pet owners who take their pets for walks.There are parks,hotels and other dog friendly travel options available,so enjoy to the fullest when in Spain with your dog happy by your side.

dogs in spain

One of the towns even introduced toilets for dogs!


You might not find cafes and restaurants welcoming dogs as others countries listed above do,but this is one friendly country for travelling with a dog with spas for pampering them,beaches to play without leash on in Vancouver and ride on public transits in cities like Toronto.

So,before traveling with a dog from one country to other country, know that the above listed countries are the best in welcoming and treating your dog well.

Now, If you women travelers have any experiences to share about your trip to a country with your dog that has been friendlier then expected than please share in the comments section below!! 😀


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